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About Us

Helm-A-Cap was founded in the 2017-18 school year in Manhattan Beach, CA, by our CEO Em Taner as his project at the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA). Em was a sixth grader by the time and felt the need to attach a visor to his helmet as he rode his bicycle or scooter to and from school every day in sunny California. He initially wore a baseball cap underneath his helmet, but pretty soon he discovered that he can use a velcro strip to attach a visor to the front of his helmet, solving the problem of wearing two hats at a time, so to speak.

The idea was so innovative and attracted a lot of attention from his mentors, hence Em decided to take the idea one step further by adding various other attachments to the product range. The initial product range of visors and decorative strips were launched in Summer of 2018. Helm-A-Cap products are not only functional but also fashionable and they encourage a greater degree of helmet use by making the helmets, thus the riders, look very cool.

Em has always been innovative with many different ideas and creative with building things from early ages on. Executing one of them in the YEA program have been very rewarding for him both for his academic progress and his creative thinking process. Now, he can't wait to see to where his company will sail.

We hope that you enjoy your Helm-A-Cap product and please remember to ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET !


Helm-A-Cap was recently featured in the October issue of the YEA newsletter. You can read it here by clicking the image. For more info on YEA, visit

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